Tuesday, September 28, 2004

together we are stronger than apart

This is a quick and rough recording of one of my tunes - part of a song swap with my friend Andy.

It was recorded using my iRiver MP3 player and edited (trimmed - no overdubs as you'll hear) using Cool Edit Pro.

The guitar is my Guild M20, and the tuning DGDDAE.

The plan is to put some melodica and maybe a bit of mandolin on top, then think about some lyrics.

Listen: together we are stronger than apart


  1. this is a comment about your whole site, I'm glad I found it. you've got some great stuff posted here (AMC,Rosie Thomas, Mojave 3 and all the stuff I haven't ever heard of). I've been looking for other blogs that represent my tastes.
    I'll be linking to you asap check out my blog and see if you can do the same
    I'm also deep into last sounds of summer

    anyway hopefully we can link up


    thanks, craig

  2. Hi Craig,
    Thankyou for your kind words. You forgot the mp3 on the end of your url - so for my sister:

  3. Yes - hello all - the aforementioned sister here. I admit it; I'm a bad and lazy girl. This site was set up as a joint effort between Howard and I, but I have been terrifically lackadaisical to date and have yet to convert intention into action. Watch this space. There'll be no stopping me once I know what I'm doing.