Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Arlenes

The Arlenes are back with their second album. Clips are available on their website, but here's one from their record company's site:

The Arlenes - Lonely won't leave me alone


  1. Because I am stupid and failed to notice that songs:illinois had posted the same song, I thought you could have:

    The Arlenes - smallville 336

    from their new album, going to california - buy it from their record company here.

  2. hey, it's just more music for everybody...and that's, as a recent jailbird would say, a good thing

  3. holy fucking shit (or for the sensitive: holy @#$%#@!), finally listened to the arlenes tune. been grumpy today, and the song cheered right the !!!@#$%^& up. Thanks...needed that