Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Revolution Starts Now

So the presidential election has started....and here's Steve Earle doing his bit to make sure it goes the right way.
Go here and have a listen to his eloquent and impassioned diatribe. Having just got back from Carolina, these songs have a special resonance. Haven't seen this album in the shops here yet though. Get your hands on it if you can, there's a beautiful one with Emmylou Harris. And 'Condi, Condi' is a sheer joy. Subtle it ain't, but it gets the job done.


  1. I just discovered your blog via Last Sound of Summer. Looks great! I'm going to place a link to it on my blog. I concur with your comments about Steve Earle. I work in a Borders bookstore in Washington DC and was privileged to see and hear him perform some of the songs on the CD on the day it was released. I take it you are in Great Britain; I'm sure it would be easy to order the CD online or perhaps it will arrive soon. Cheers!