Thursday, November 11, 2004

fried out broken girl - I can relate

What's this? A tune on lonesome that doesn't feature steel guitar?
What a mistake-ah to make-ah.

But this is definitely a song to be lonesome to... a beautiful brass opening, gorgeous piano refrain and near-whispered vocals. Eric Matthews (ex-Cardinal) has crafted a melancholy gem here and coolly delivers it without breaking a sweat on his arched brow.

My lovely brother (and fellow host of this blog) put this on a life-saving lonesome tape back in 1996, when I was studying here , a long way from home and counting down the days until Christmas. It reminds me of a long bus journey back to Oslo, looking out at monochrome landscapes, feeling sad in every sense and secretly revelling in it all.

Go and have a listen. I defy you not to swoon.
eric matthews - fried out broken girl


  1. I've had a listen and I like.

  2. I remembered most of the words, and I don't think I've heard this since 1997.

  3. I just had 2 listens. Its very pretty, I think you put it on a tape for me cause I expeceted Marvin Gaye to start singing at the end of it.