Thursday, November 18, 2004

I earn an embarrassing amount of money for a borderline Marxist

So said Steve Earle last night.
Went to see him at the Irish Centre, a venue so full of red velvet it's like a cross between a working man's club and Twin Peaks on acid. Interesting demographic in the audience too - not many girls, lots of men in Harley Davidson T-shirts. Are these people my peers now? Anyway, the gig did exactly what it said on the tin and a good rockin' time was had by all.

Big surprise of the night was the support - Allison Moorer, who played an absolutely stunning version of 'Isn't It A Pity?' by your friends and mine, Galaxie 500, in response to the recent election result. I don't know anything about Moorer, but having looked her up today, the record company has her as a soft-focus, lip-glossed country dollybird, a million miles away from the woman on stage last night. Anyone out there have any words of wisdom on where to start with her back catalogue?


  1. hey I don't kmow a lot about allison but I would stay away from her early releases and just focuse on her last 3 or so. she's shelby lynn's sister and one of the only factoids I know about them is they watched their father shoot and kill their mother (i think that's the story- anyway it was pretty tragic)

    Nashville tried to glamorize both sisters in a semi-succesfull attempt to sell records, now they're both quasi independent sing-songwriters

  2. Craig is absolutely correct on the early stuff. You should also check out "Things Fall Apart" by Lonesome Bob. She features prominently in all the songs as his "backup" singer, and it was this album that began to garner her attention. It's a very dark "alt country" album...nick cave meets hank williams. Lonesome Bob himself is a brilliant songwriter, and his and Ms. Morrer's voices work extremely well and chillingly together. i can probably send you some tunes off it, if you like.

  3. well I'm sold on that description - yes please.