Thursday, December 30, 2004

22-20s - Friends

Such a young band, the 22-20s are a three piece playing yardbirds style blues rock, but here they switch to a battered acoustic and slide for a more lonesome moment:
22-20s - Friends

Friday, December 24, 2004

My Personal AMC

An end of year bandwidth blow-out, this is the full double-CD AMC companion that I compiled back in October, all tracks apart from the first are 192kbps and will serve to warm the coldest of hearts on the darkest of days (for those of us in theNorthern hemisphere). Listen, share and then go and buy their albums, each and every one.

lonesome music's My Personal AMC (zipped 117Mb!)

lonesome 2004

Just a quick post to wish you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and to recommend all the following as my favorite lonesome related releases of 2004 to you (if you weren't the one that recommended them to me in the first place).

ella guru - ella guru's first album
american music club - love songs for patriots
rachel goswell - waves are universal
sons and daughters - love the cup
sufjan stevens - seven swans
maplewood - maplewood
the arlenes - going back to california
cold mountain - soundtrack
hem - eveningland

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

kings of convenience - homesick

Having a huge debt to Simon and Garfunkel is not always such a bad thing. There have been some other posts about KoC lately, so I'll just say that I prefer their new album Riot on an Empty Street to the previous one, and that this is just about the perfect song to cut out commuters at Baker Street on the way home.

kings of convenience - homesick

Official site

Monday, December 13, 2004


Playr gives you a bookmarklet that creates a m3u file of all mp3s on any page to play in winamp (or Realplayer if you absolutely must). I've been thinking about developing a similar widget myself, but have been beaten to the punch again.

The downside is that the interaction is lessened, and that tracks in the comments aren't automatically picked up, although I probably consider that to be a good thing - comments are the best bit after all.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

two dollar pistols and the moaners

yes Sir, I am qualified to wear this hat
Two dollar pistols have a new album called - Hands Up (yes that's an amazon link, I've started to change my mind about places to buy)

Listening to their previous album, - you ruined everything last night on the way home, and again on the way in to work this morning I felt like I could pretty much post any song and it would fit right in here on lonesome. In the end I went for:
I can see it in your eyes
In my mind

Official Site

I also got an email from Angie at YepRoc asking me to investigate a rather more frisky (and risque) duo - the moaners, who offer a heads-down raucous style slide (silvertone) and drums:
the moaners - heart attack
Yep Roc records

Monday, December 06, 2004

Yancey Strickler - favorite songs

stylus magazine have the kind of personal music blog entry that makes it all worth while - not that you could post with this intimacy on a regular basis.

Empress - barely there

50 quid bloke's first top ten - women vocalists of 2004 has several people/bands I've not heard of before, so a little early morning interweb searching revealed Empress (mp3s in that link) and the fact that Hem have released a new album! Their website has been hacked, but they have another with clips on here - sounds as lovely as their debut, a personal fave from a year (or two?) ago. Not so keen on the places (mp3 in that link at the bottom of the page) and I've yet to make up my mind about Tara jane o'niel stream the whole album from that page.

Sunday, December 05, 2004


I came across snailhouse, via the rather good preserve volume one (there are a couple of other mp3s in that link). Their track witches and snowmen was so good I stopped my Monday yomp to work and fumbled around in my coat pocket to see the name of the track on my mp3 player remote in spite of the other commuting lemmings walking through me.

witches and snowmen

a matter of time

birds and bees

Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter

Just a quick heads up for a band described as "...think the Handsome Family meets Neil Young's Harvest Moon" and some of their wares:
the dreaming dead
Official Site

Friday, December 03, 2004

Bert Jansch - A Man I'd Rather Be

Bert's charisma and dark good looks (the photo is 1965) led to him being lionised as part of the British folk revival at the end of the sixties. not one for poncing around with pearl inlaid guitars, I read that his choice of guitars was entirely down to being broke and Yamaha giving him one for free - he's stuck with them, and I asssume they've stuck with him ever since. Practical guitar magic.
Bert Jansch - A man I'd rather be
Official site

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Two Gallants

Via Cool Hand Bak - blogrolled over there on the left, a handy pointer to a band called Two Gallants - whose album Throes is going straight on my 'must investigate' list. They have a couple of mp3s on their website too as well as the one cool hand bak posted, including this:

two gallants - train that stole my man

Another lonesome soul - Lonesome Bob

I was asking after Allison Moorer earlier this month - and BigRockCandyMountain was kind enough to point us in the the direction of Lonesome Bob's 'Things Fall Apart' album, where Allison plays EmmyLou to Bob's Gram, describing it as Nick Cave meets Hank Williams. Can't argue with that. And for this song, I'd add in a bit of The Handsome Family too as it has the same feel - claustrophobic, graphic lyrics coupled with a disarmingly tuneful melody.

It's a bit of dark, dark country that sounds like an ill-advised visit to Cracker Barrel after a week on the gin. What are you waiting for?

Lonesome Bob - The Plans that we Made