Thursday, December 09, 2004

two dollar pistols and the moaners

yes Sir, I am qualified to wear this hat
Two dollar pistols have a new album called - Hands Up (yes that's an amazon link, I've started to change my mind about places to buy)

Listening to their previous album, - you ruined everything last night on the way home, and again on the way in to work this morning I felt like I could pretty much post any song and it would fit right in here on lonesome. In the end I went for:
I can see it in your eyes
In my mind

Official Site

I also got an email from Angie at YepRoc asking me to investigate a rather more frisky (and risque) duo - the moaners, who offer a heads-down raucous style slide (silvertone) and drums:
the moaners - heart attack
Yep Roc records

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