Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Last Town Chorus

The Last Town Chorus have a guitar/lap steel/female singer thing going on that is quite magical. I left a comment on Bars and Guitars about the Two Gallants record, and Peter was kind enough to drop me a line (a 'real' email rather than reply to my comment) asking about ltc, but as I was listening to the tracks on their site again I realised i should be putting out the word - especially as they are playing London this Sunday evening. Unfortunately I can't make it, owing to having to be on a plane at 6.25am the following morning to Vienna (work not play), typical.

listen: The Last Town Chorus - change your mind

Monday, January 10, 2005


Hem's debut, Rabbit Songs was one of my favorite albums a few years ago. Quiet, understated and upbeat in a tragic Cowboy Junkies/K.D.Lang kind of way, but not seeming to be a band big on promotion in the UK I didn't find out they had a new album until the end of last year. One import from Caiman (off Amazon) later and I've been swooning around to it over the Christmas break in the kitchen.

my father's waltz
an easy one

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Official site (stream the whole album here)

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

whiteout - dee troyt

Just a little tune by some skinny white kids from Scotland that really really want to be American, and none the worse for that.

dee troyt

just passin' through kid

and the status quo-tastic boogie of the a-side (also posted on lastsoundofsummer):

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

balloon - tightrope walker

From the album gravity - Balloon was seemingly one off project between ian bickerton and david sheppard, produced by "mr infinite guitar" Michael Brook. With it's tremulous Feargal Sharkey like voice, it's an understated album in the same vein as eric matthews. This track (that was released as a single) features Sarah McLachlan and no pedal steel guitar.
balloon - tightrope walker

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