Thursday, May 26, 2005

sons and daughters - the repulsion box

The threat of violence is always implicit in the scrawny, wired and visceral Sons and Daughters. Their new album the repulsion box (released June 6th) is preceded by the Fall meets Nick Cave meets PJ Harvey (now that's a party!) single Dance me in and here's another track of primal Scots rockabilly from the album to whet your whistle - hunt

official site

six figure transatlantic

Not sure if their name is a statement of intent or budget requirement for the next album (that'll be one J200 and a nice Gretsch or two), Sweden's six figure transatlantic make a lovely sound.

The Banjo driven Denver has an early Wilco sound, although it could be the ultra clean vocals and lyrics mentioning games and parades that's doing that for me.

Try also Hello! Surprise!'s guide to swedish pop scene.

Now is that six figures SEK or USD?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Deadman - When the music's not forgotten

Now this really is beautiful. Lonesome fans will love it. I defy you to hear it and not be moved.

Deadman have crafted this pearl of a song in memory of the musicians who have died over the past few years - it was recorded on the day Johnny Cash died. Life's big questions and good old fashioned soul-searching to the tune of husband/wife harmonies. All this redemptive yearning and some steel guitar too.

Deadman - When The Music's Not Forgotten

More about them on their official site, on their record label One little indian US and a biog on This is Texas Music.

Album released 6th June

More tracks in the invisible comments.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Ballboy over at 3hive

3hive have Ballboy's I lost you, But I found Country Music available with 4 other tunes Lloyd Cole would be proud to call his own.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

healthy concerts - house concerts live acoustic music in small venues

and via that last link I so want to go back to Brighton to take part on this: healthy concerts - house concerts, live acoustic music in small venues

JCBSONG by Nizlopi

Touching in the same way that the first Athlete album Vehicles and Animals was about a childhood half remembered first hand, half gleaned from the photographic evidence the JCBSONG (video preview) by Nizlopi (more songs in Listen section) is very sweet and I can't wait to hear more - the songs on their site remind me of Martin Stephenson and the Daintees.

Friday, May 13, 2005

El Camino Gig plug

In or near London this weekend? Fancy seeing a band in full flight, with real tunes a guitarist that would kill to be gram parsons and a singer that not only holds a tune and is in tune?

May 14 2005 8:00PM -The Half Moon Putney

How are you fixed for June?

Jun 2 2005 9:00PM - Buffalo Bar
Jun 15 2005 10:00PM - The Half Moon Putney
Jun 22 2005 9:00PM - Clapham Grand Clapham

A big fan of voicebox shaping?

Jul 1 2005 8:00PM - Shepherds Bush Empire

El Camino in My Space
Official Site

Apologies for the cross post from lastsound, but listen to the tracks on the mySpace.

Summer is here

A truly beautiful day in Vienna, and I'm only here until the end of next week. Walked in listening to the HAL album, still a stunning piece of work. Check these little beauties:

Slow Down (you've got a friend)

Coming Right Over

Now go and buy the album - it's only £8.99 - these are only at 128kbps and do not do justice to the music.

Official Site