Friday, September 23, 2005

kinky love

So I haven't posted much in the last month or so, but that still hasn't stopped my bandwidth getting eaten up by the various mp3blog aggregators and file leaches. So I've had to remove almost all the older music files, let me know if you missed anything.
Anyway here, for no real reason other than I thought about the colour pink and the words Flesh Balloon when I woke up is the pale saints covering kinky love, and nancy sinatra's version of the same. Enjoy.

pale saints - kinky love
nancy sinatra - kinky love

Friday, September 16, 2005

the chordettes - mister sandman

Don't ask me why, but once this song gets stuck in my head it is almost impossible to get rid of. Was there was a mid-fifties trend in female barbershop style singing? I can see that acts in the UK like the Andrews sisters (don't get my mum started...) right the way through to the nolans (and b*witched) are carrying on the tradition, but the harmonies in this are just leagues ahead of "in the mood for dancing".

Bing, bong, bing, bong, bing, bong, bing, bong, bing, bong, bing, bong, bing...

and it has the words Lonesome and Liberace in, but sadly is recorder deficient.

the chordettes - mister sandman

more info

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Vashti Bunyan - Hidden

Better late than never - apologies for the almost complete cessation of posts - work has got in the way of real life, then I went on holiday to Maine and now work is back in full effect. Anyway as part of my increasing belief in the power of recorders in music, Vashti Bunyan is back with more tremulous folk music on her new album (the first for 35 years, following the classic just another diamond day) called lookingaftering.

Vashti Bunyan - Hidden