Thursday, October 13, 2005

rachel goswell - if

Taken from the rather splendid compilation friends and lovers - the songs of Bread, this is Mojave 3's Rachel Goswell (she has a solo album too you know) singing the cheesy, but classic If. Also covered by Dolly Parton and her album Halos and Horns, although Dolly doubled up the time for a kind of joyous end of the world compared to Rachel's.

Here we get the purity of the vocal (and the sentiment) against a tremelo/phased guitar line grounded with an acoustic guitar and tantalising few bars of Robert Kirby-esque keyboard/string arrangement.

Rachel Goswell - If

And because I'm writing this on a delayed train home here's Dave Derby's rather straight take on I use the soap:

Dave Derby - I use the Soap

and the Holy Sons' Beck-style treatment of Last Time:

Holy Sons - Last Time

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