Thursday, December 15, 2005

hospital highlights part 1

Morphine does strange things to your mind, I've taken quite a bit of it in the last month, first intravenously and then orally. Hallucinations, amazingly colourful dreams and conversations with people that aren't there anymore. Somehow despite the heavy sedation this song (from Hell among the Yearlings) managed to make it through to my concious mind as the drug went through a tube in my neck the first time and managed to sum up the hazy if temporary bliss offered. Sorry I didn't go halves with you Beth.

Listen: gillian welch - morphine

A couple of weeks later I found myself comparing the beatles' Hey Jude to johnny cash's beast in me, and came to the conclusion I'd rather seek solace in the latter anyday. I think I may have even written a song to that effect, or hallucinated writing a song to that effect, anyway here it is, taken from the american recordings album.

Listen: johnny cash - the beast in me

gillian welch
johnny cash

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