Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Laura Cantrell at RFH for John peel tribute concert

In case you were wondering, I was in a car crash 4 weeks ago and have been in hospital. Whilst there I had a lot of time to listen to the new Laura Cantrell album (posted somewhere below) along with some other stuff that will probably get posted. I now have a considerable amount of time off work to get better, so maybe the posting will even get regular again.


this was posted 5 weeks sometime (can't find the link, but I'm pretty sure it's one of those in the Blogroll), I've listened to it about 8 times already (but then forgot to put it on my MP3 player). So in case it's no longer up elsewhere here is Laura Cantrell's lovely 20 minute Peel Tribute set:

Laura Cantrell - Peel Tribute

I like the idea that on John Peel day, DJs should be allowed to play what they like.

Laura's official site with lots of downloads

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