Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ann Briggs

Steering dangerously close to the traditional folk idiom I said I'd try to avoid, Anne Briggs is included in my folk foray due to her natural treatment of the folk vocal mannerisms and embellishments that some singers make a pig's ear of. Thankfully Anne Briggs never forgets that the melody is more interesting than the styling. It sounds to me like her natural singing voice, it is difficult to imagine her bellowing out a blues/pub rock number a few songs later (although for all I know that's a possibility).

Her records contain a lot of traditional solo vocal numbers, but I'm putting a couple of tunes with instrumental backing simply because I find unaccompanied music to require considerably more attention than I imagine are the environments most people are in when listening to mp3blog music.

Listen: Anne Briggs - Blackwater Side
Listen: Anne Briggs - Willie O'Winsbury

A better piece than I could write about why she is so good
Topic Records' Collection compilation

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