Saturday, January 21, 2006


Feathers' self titled LP (from Vermont 2005CE, although it fits right in with any of the early 70's compilations I've been listening to lately) is a thing of luminescent beauty, at times threateningly claustrophic and just plain weird. It is undoubtedly head music and over the course of it's 8 tracks there's more of than a hint of a krautrock obsessive (or at least someone whose seen the wickerman more than is healthy) in one or more of it's number - listen to the end of Van Bal and feed your head, I'd love to know if Julian Cope has heard this group.

Listen: Feathers - Old Black Hal With a Dandelion
Listen: Feathers - Van Bal

Feathers website
Cargo (UK) releasede the album (hard to find on amazon)

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