Saturday, January 14, 2006

Gretchen Wilson

This is truly the pop side of country, cleverly aligning itself with the rebels (check the Merle shout, the redneck tag, I think Kid Rock was on the previous album). In a lot of ways it demonstrates the parallels between country and gangster rap - they're both selling a lifestyle, only here it's Budweiser, Skoal, trucks and other country singers. The number of product placements on this album is quite amazing, although not up to 50p's standards. This is what happens if you come from a different 'hood I suppose.

Still respect if you can carry a guitar off like this:

Sadly this isn't a redneck version of the Beach Boys classic, but a slickly polished ode to womanhood and all it's curves.

Listen: Gretchen Wilson - california girls

Gretchen Wilson

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