Tuesday, May 30, 2006

mojave 3 on bars and guitars

Get on over to Bars & Guitars for some new mojave 3 tracks from their new album.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

zero 7 - Futures

Hello, I've been a bit busy the last few weeks, especially this last one:

His name is Noah, and he's been quite enjoying the new zero 7 album The Garden. Personally I think it's a bit over-polished, but I suspect he only likes the CSNY homage that is the first track that I'm posting here for your enjoyment.

At the moment Noah's most listened to album is Brian Eno's Music for Airports, following the advice from one of the millions of baby help forums out there on the net - and it works a treat mid-afternoon. Not so good early morning - I am writing this at 5.30am - I guess we're not going to be quite so lonesome anymore.

btw. the Zero 7 album has a few tracks with that nice Jose Gonzalez we've posted on lonesome a few times.

Listen: Zero 7 - Futures

Monday, May 08, 2006

tunng - pioneers

Tunng's new album comments of the inner chorus is really very good indeed. A mix of folk, interesting percussion and subdued electronica it manages to be both calming and prick the interest of the listener at whatever volume it's played at. With my headphones on it becomes a treasure trove of found sounds and layers. Fantastic, out end of May.

The tracks for your pleasure are from their two singles this year, the first is a cover of the bloc party song that came out on a rather special one-sided etched 7 inch and the second is their current single woodcat.

Listen: Tunng - Pioneers
Buy the Pioneers EP

Listen: Tunng - Woodcat
Buy the single or preorder the album from here

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

the hazey janes

Any band that sounds like a langorous teenage fanclub is fine by me. I've just listened to this three times straight - that's not happened since fistful of love or worry about the wind over a year ago. They almost throw away this gorgeous song at the end of their album, not even bothering to give it a name, leaving it just called Untitled. One for the SummerBurn that's for sure.

Listen: The Hazey Janes - Untitled