Sunday, May 28, 2006

zero 7 - Futures

Hello, I've been a bit busy the last few weeks, especially this last one:

His name is Noah, and he's been quite enjoying the new zero 7 album The Garden. Personally I think it's a bit over-polished, but I suspect he only likes the CSNY homage that is the first track that I'm posting here for your enjoyment.

At the moment Noah's most listened to album is Brian Eno's Music for Airports, following the advice from one of the millions of baby help forums out there on the net - and it works a treat mid-afternoon. Not so good early morning - I am writing this at 5.30am - I guess we're not going to be quite so lonesome anymore.

btw. the Zero 7 album has a few tracks with that nice Jose Gonzalez we've posted on lonesome a few times.

Listen: Zero 7 - Futures

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