Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Guillemots - If the world ends

I've been listening to a friend's pre-release copy of the guillemots album through the window pane - it's out at the start of next month. When I say listening, I mean over and over again, and then once more for luck. I've played it maybe 12, 13 times since yesterday whilst working from home.
I don't think it's the sort of album that's going to do very well in an ipod world of downloading individual tracks. Sure the singles sparkle with jaunty abandon reminiscent of Dexy's or prime Waterboys (maybe World Party?) at their best (keep an eye out for the most recent single made up love song #43, or their last one trains to brazil - surely the best song about worrying about terrorists whilst getting on with life ever) but it is the more introspective moments that capture and pull at the heart strings. Unlike most lonesome music posts, it is pure pop, but when an album has moody moments like the Wicked Game beauty of If the world ends, whose complaining?

Listen: guillemots - if the world ends link removed link reinstated - email me if you have a problem with this.


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