Friday, July 28, 2006

M Ward - fearless

Excuse the brevity of the posting - I'm finishing up work for the week with a view to having a BBQ tomorrow - much tidying up to be done here in the wake of Noah's arrival/plastic tat containment. Another track from the Come on beautiful AMC tribute, for my sister.

Listen: M. Ward - Fearless

More details in previous post.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Calxico - Chanel Number 5

Things have obviously been too cheerful around here lately - no American music Club for months and months, so in the spirit of temperance (and here are
Calexico covering American Music Club's Chanel No.5, although in my mind it's the Songs of Love Live version that defines the song. This is from the AMC tribute album Come on Beautiful - lots of interesting interviews and contact details on that link.

Listen: Calexico - Chanel No.5

Calexico Official

AMC Official

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Amy Millan shorn of stars

As a singer in the band stars (whose album Set yourself on fire I described to Beth the other day as sounding like the Field Mice making their own Screamadelica), Amy Millan provides a cool counterpoint, but on her own album Honey from the tombs she cuts a more lonesome-style country sillouette. Mandolins and some expensive sounding guitars along with cavernous drums, ambient noises buried in the mix and a funk homage near the end that nearly blew my speakers called wayward and parliament. At least an order of magnitude better than the Allison Moorer album I was going to tell you about.

Listen: Amy Millan - Skinny Boy

Listen:Amy Millan - Hard Hearted (ode to Thoreau)

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Monday, July 17, 2006

joni on a monday

It's Monday, I've fought my way into central London to get a seat at work! The sun is out and I'm wishing the week away already. So here's my starter, I'm going to assume most of our readers already know this, if not own it, but have you transferred it from your well worn and loved vinyl to mp3 yet? btw. it took me years to prefer this version of the song to CSNY's cover.

Listen: Joni Mitchell - Woodstock

Friday, July 14, 2006

The Milroys - Hallelujah Time

Now this is nice.
A gorgeous and plaintive song from the new Milroys album. Controversially, there's not much pedal steel; but there is love, drink, men, women, wonder and redemption all wrapped up in glorious, old-fashioned harmony.

If I had a porch, rather than a back yard in the North of England, this would be my soundtrack of choice to nod along to in my rocking chair. Howard and I are both in the midst of having our gardens landscaped and this is just the tune to mooch around to on a balmy summer's evening - let it soothe you into the weekend.

Listen: The Milroys - Hallelujah Time

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Last Town Chorus in the UK

For those of us unable to afford a pedal steel (or the space to put one in, or indeed the years of practice it takes to perfect) we can take heart and tune those lapsteels up to open G (G B D in two octaves) as after what seems like a very long time, the Last Town Chorus return to the UK. They're playing the Latitude Festival and are in London Monday July 17th at The Spitz, with Lavender Diamond, and Tuesday July 18th at The Social, to mark the release of a limited edition 7" vinyl release on Fitzrovian phonographic in the lead up to the new album wire waltz (although I feel like calexico should now have a say in any album with the word wire in the title) Anyway here's the title track:

listen: The Last Town Chorus - Wire Waltz