Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hem - funnel cloud

I was preparing a post on the cowboy junkies the other day when I received an email asking if I was interested in listening to the new Hem album Funnel Cloud. Now having missed them play in the UK earlier in the year (I was watching Nitin Sawney play a live soundtrack to a 1930's bollywood classic) I jumped at the chance. Jolly good it is too.
Anyway,it turns out there's not one, but two new albums - the other being called No word from Tom. I'll let you know what that one's like when I get it.
I've been playing Funnel Cloud for the last few days and it's a more upbeat prospect than eveningland ever was, there's still the themes of love and loss and love lost, but the production lifts the vocals above the music, making it feel as if it's a bird over a landscape rather than a fish in the river (get me). So here's some songs for your 'so nearly end of the week you can taste it...'

Listen: Hem - not california
Listen: Hem - the pills stopped working

Hem Official

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Evan Duby - Pale

Give it all away, that's what I'd do if I had any music I think people would want to hear. Evan kindly sent me a link to his EP Bridge and Tunnel, that he is giving away to fellow music lovers like you and I - so check out the mp3 here and the get yourself over there for the remainder.

Listen: Evan Duby - Pale


Monday, August 28, 2006

Early day miners - return of the native

I'm a sucker for any music that claims talk talk as an influence, and with the eary day miners' press release containing the phrase 'Talk Talk meets 4AD wash rock' it was a near certainty they'd be listened to with a good deal more concentration than my work should probably allow.
The idea of a 35 + minute piece of music called Offshore constructed from a previous piece also put me in mind of 4AD's Insides' Clear Skin release of the early nineties. Anyway here's a piece of Offshore called return of the native, featuring Amber Webber from Black Mountain on vocals.

There's a music/installation/presentation of the whole thing at the following venues, sadly none in the UK.

09/08/06 Philadelphia, PA - The Khyber w/ Windsor For The Derby + Pela

09/09/06 New York, NY - Tonic w/ Windsor For The Derby + Pela
09/10/06 Brooklyn, NY - Southpaw w/ Pela

09/11/06 Cambridge, MA - The Middle East w/ Pela

09/13/06 Toronto, ON - Tranzac
09/14/06 Hamilton, ON - Casbah
09/15/06 Dayton, OH - Nite Owl

09/16/06 Bloomington, IN - Hospital

Listen: Early Day Miners - Return of the Native

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Brett new album - So Much More available now for earlyearlypurchase only to fans!

As longtime readers will know, I like Brett Dennen's music very much, with his debut album still being played regularly here at lonesomemusic's southern HQ. Anyway I had an email from his manager Leslie (below) and thought well we're all fans here right?

We are very happy to announce we’re (finally) allowed to sell Brett’s new cd, “So Much More”!!! It took a few weeks to convince the label that it was a good thing to let you get the cd before it was available to the public & they finally see things our way! I told them I thought, just through you & other Brett fans, that we could sell 10,000 cds before street date on Sept. 19th – so I hope you’ll go to this link now (use this link only or it doesn’t count toward our goal) & get your copy & if you know anyone else needing one, please encourage them to do the same.

It’ll only take 1 per fan & then everyone telling one to five friends, to make our goal – please spread the love & thank you! The first 300 fans to “early order” will be entered into a drawing to win an original piece of Brett’s art (he did the watercolor on the 1st cd cover & also the inside watercolor on the new one.) We’ll be giving away 5 pieces.

You can also get an autographed copy – just fill in that spot on the order page & we’ll get them out to you in the next couple of weeks (Brett has a lot to sign, and he’s working on it!)

Warmest regards,


There are some mp3 snippets of the new album on that link, and very good they sound too.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Billy Bragg - Must I paint you a picture

Chosen by Beth, wittered on about by me.

Noone told me he had country leanings, and who knew about the world music that was to come later? Me? I heard an essex boy's glottal stop'd urban folk music. Rough, ready with a heart of gold and a better turn of phrase than my teenage self could muster.

Bragg's milkman of human kindness ranks amongst the few songs to bring tears to my ears, and no, its not because of his singing voice.

I have the book of Tab with the flexi disk of Billy telling me how to play the Saturday boy and still regret not seeing him play the miner's benefit in my home town at the time of the miner's strike, his politics were getting in the way of my teenage self absorption.

It's still his dissections of personal politics that catch in my throat, I had barely given the young Susannah York a second thought beforehand. Here's a corker:

Listen: Billy Bragg - Must I paint you a picture?

Monday, August 21, 2006

beachwood sparks - silver morning after

I love the beachwood sparks, all their albums stand up to repeated listens. Sure, it can sound a bit like a country Trout mask replica sometimes, but their woozy West Coast-flecked Gram meets prime beach boys (Sunflower, Holland, Surf's Up) in a meeting of loved-up (not Mike Love) guitar strumming (I'm thinking big sunburst Gibsons with birds or plants on the pickguard) and little boy lost pedal steel.

Sadly they are no more as a band, continuing, fractured in the tyde and the mystic chords of memory. Listen whilst there is some life left in the Sun.

Listen: beachwood sparks - silver morning after (taken from their self titled subpop LP)

I might also recommend their album once we were trees and mini albummake the robots cry.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Moose - I wanted to see you to see if I wanted you again

Belated happy birthday Beth, one more time now...

and when I see you....

and having scouted around the net I find that you can't even buy the liquid make up single this came from, so in an unusual move (for me) here are the other tracks all in 192kbps

The quirky
Listen: moose - Ramon

and the gorgeous
Listen: moose - there's a place
with the message don't ever give it away, although in the face of the record collectors market I'm sure they won't mind this time...

btw. the Tailors promised me there's an album on the way.

Nickel Creek - First and Last Waltz

This post was going to be written by Beth just after she went to see Nickel Creek months ago and people started waltzing on cue in the old time victoriana environs. Only she's been busy having to good a time of it this year, so I'm just going to post it anyway and ask that you listen to their new album if you haven't already done so as its rather good.

Listen: Nicklecreek - First and Last Waltz
Buy: Why should the fire die?