Monday, August 21, 2006

beachwood sparks - silver morning after

I love the beachwood sparks, all their albums stand up to repeated listens. Sure, it can sound a bit like a country Trout mask replica sometimes, but their woozy West Coast-flecked Gram meets prime beach boys (Sunflower, Holland, Surf's Up) in a meeting of loved-up (not Mike Love) guitar strumming (I'm thinking big sunburst Gibsons with birds or plants on the pickguard) and little boy lost pedal steel.

Sadly they are no more as a band, continuing, fractured in the tyde and the mystic chords of memory. Listen whilst there is some life left in the Sun.

Listen: beachwood sparks - silver morning after (taken from their self titled subpop LP)

I might also recommend their album once we were trees and mini albummake the robots cry.

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