Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Billy Bragg - Must I paint you a picture

Chosen by Beth, wittered on about by me.

Noone told me he had country leanings, and who knew about the world music that was to come later? Me? I heard an essex boy's glottal stop'd urban folk music. Rough, ready with a heart of gold and a better turn of phrase than my teenage self could muster.

Bragg's milkman of human kindness ranks amongst the few songs to bring tears to my ears, and no, its not because of his singing voice.

I have the book of Tab with the flexi disk of Billy telling me how to play the Saturday boy and still regret not seeing him play the miner's benefit in my home town at the time of the miner's strike, his politics were getting in the way of my teenage self absorption.

It's still his dissections of personal politics that catch in my throat, I had barely given the young Susannah York a second thought beforehand. Here's a corker:

Listen: Billy Bragg - Must I paint you a picture?

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