Thursday, August 24, 2006

Brett new album - So Much More available now for earlyearlypurchase only to fans!

As longtime readers will know, I like Brett Dennen's music very much, with his debut album still being played regularly here at lonesomemusic's southern HQ. Anyway I had an email from his manager Leslie (below) and thought well we're all fans here right?

We are very happy to announce we’re (finally) allowed to sell Brett’s new cd, “So Much More”!!! It took a few weeks to convince the label that it was a good thing to let you get the cd before it was available to the public & they finally see things our way! I told them I thought, just through you & other Brett fans, that we could sell 10,000 cds before street date on Sept. 19th – so I hope you’ll go to this link now (use this link only or it doesn’t count toward our goal) & get your copy & if you know anyone else needing one, please encourage them to do the same.

It’ll only take 1 per fan & then everyone telling one to five friends, to make our goal – please spread the love & thank you! The first 300 fans to “early order” will be entered into a drawing to win an original piece of Brett’s art (he did the watercolor on the 1st cd cover & also the inside watercolor on the new one.) We’ll be giving away 5 pieces.

You can also get an autographed copy – just fill in that spot on the order page & we’ll get them out to you in the next couple of weeks (Brett has a lot to sign, and he’s working on it!)

Warmest regards,


There are some mp3 snippets of the new album on that link, and very good they sound too.

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