Monday, August 28, 2006

Early day miners - return of the native

I'm a sucker for any music that claims talk talk as an influence, and with the eary day miners' press release containing the phrase 'Talk Talk meets 4AD wash rock' it was a near certainty they'd be listened to with a good deal more concentration than my work should probably allow.
The idea of a 35 + minute piece of music called Offshore constructed from a previous piece also put me in mind of 4AD's Insides' Clear Skin release of the early nineties. Anyway here's a piece of Offshore called return of the native, featuring Amber Webber from Black Mountain on vocals.

There's a music/installation/presentation of the whole thing at the following venues, sadly none in the UK.

09/08/06 Philadelphia, PA - The Khyber w/ Windsor For The Derby + Pela

09/09/06 New York, NY - Tonic w/ Windsor For The Derby + Pela
09/10/06 Brooklyn, NY - Southpaw w/ Pela

09/11/06 Cambridge, MA - The Middle East w/ Pela

09/13/06 Toronto, ON - Tranzac
09/14/06 Hamilton, ON - Casbah
09/15/06 Dayton, OH - Nite Owl

09/16/06 Bloomington, IN - Hospital

Listen: Early Day Miners - Return of the Native

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