Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hem - funnel cloud

I was preparing a post on the cowboy junkies the other day when I received an email asking if I was interested in listening to the new Hem album Funnel Cloud. Now having missed them play in the UK earlier in the year (I was watching Nitin Sawney play a live soundtrack to a 1930's bollywood classic) I jumped at the chance. Jolly good it is too.
Anyway,it turns out there's not one, but two new albums - the other being called No word from Tom. I'll let you know what that one's like when I get it.
I've been playing Funnel Cloud for the last few days and it's a more upbeat prospect than eveningland ever was, there's still the themes of love and loss and love lost, but the production lifts the vocals above the music, making it feel as if it's a bird over a landscape rather than a fish in the river (get me). So here's some songs for your 'so nearly end of the week you can taste it...'

Listen: Hem - not california
Listen: Hem - the pills stopped working

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