Friday, November 17, 2006

Linda Perhacs

Well in the absence of any of my sister's posts we're back to more folky Friday, this time with Linda Perhacs, who like Minor Threat can fit her entire discography on a single CD - and gentle souls be rest assured that's pretty much the only comparison you can make between those two parties. Having put out one rather good album, Parallelograms in 1970, Linda disappeared from the scene. Not sounding quite as much like someone's mum as Vashti Bunyan, but without the gauche theatrics of Judee Sill I first encountered her on the Folk is not a four letter word compilation put together by Andy Votel (whose songs in the key of death is coming up sometime soon on lonesome, just to cheer things up).
Whilst you're out there shopping, or adding to your Christmas wishlists I can recommend the fuzzy-felt folk compilation too in a similarly warped folk vein.

Listen: Linda Perhacs - Chimacum Rain
Listen: Linda Perhacs - Hey, Who really cares?

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