Friday, March 30, 2007

The Acorn - Brokered Heart

Howdy all,

Now then, I picked this up somewhere along my internet travels over the past month or so and just haven’t stopped playing it.

Handclaps! Harmonies! Really complicated guitar bits! And layers and layers of acoustic loveliness. Surely there’s gadgetry at work here somewhere? It’s a bit folky, it’s a bit Teenage Fanclub, it’s a bit Mountain Goats. And that's got to be a good recipe to welcome in the weekend.

Howard tells me that he thinks this song is clever. I’ll believe him. I just think it’s lovely.

Listen: The Acorn - Brokered Heart

Buy from Paper Bag Records

More info and songs to download on their MyBleedingSpace site.

The Acorn released their Tin Fist EP at the end of last year and they have now embarked on the superbly named Tin Fisting tour – dates and more information on their official site.

Our friends over at Speed of Dark posted about this lot last year – the links are still up – go and get more tunes here. I can recommend Plates and Saucers just for its mad crockery percussion. See what they did there?

Footnote: When I first heard this, I thought they were Irish. This is probably because I’ve been listening to a lot of Duke Special and watching far too much Hollyoaks. My ears are probably seeking it out. It turns out that they are from Ottawa and might just be young Canada's 'hottest new band'. Fancy.

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