Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Elton sings Nick

Here, for your enjoyment are the Nick Drake songs that Elton John sang back in 1968. Part of a set that included Mike Heron, John & Beverly Martyn's songs (details). They aren't as good as the originals, but I have never found Elton's treatment disagreeable and rather enjoy the placid, laid back mood they evoke. There is more than enough online dissection of these tracks, so I'll let you give them a listen and make your own minds up.

Listen: Elton John - Day is Done
Listen: Elton John - Saturday Sun
Listen: Elton John - Way to Blue
Listen: Elton john - Time has told me

Whilst writing this I came across the rather good folk/rock blog - Time has Told Me, a blog rather too familiar with the obscure, and all the better for it.

Other recommendations this week include the new Richard Thompson album called Sweet Warrior - there's at least one track floating around the blogosphere at the moment (my favorite is over at the ever dependable Songs:Illinois) and Candie Payne's I wish I could have loved you more, a 60's style album with horns and guitars that go chk! that at times sounds like Dusty in Memphis sung by a Asha Bhosle - sample the delights of the title track over on this post at homo eclectic.

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