Friday, May 25, 2007

Patty Griffin - Railway Wings

I've had this album in the car since February, and I've yet to tire of hearing it. Its very obviously an album that has been lavished with time, what sounds like expensive (antique?) microphones and other studio equipment. The sound of the room each song was recorded in really makes a difference, even on relatively low kbps mp3s. Of course this doesn't (and shouldn't) detract from the songs and the empathetic and subtle performances of the musicians.

I've just re-read the paragraph above, thought about deleting it for being a bit gushing, listened to the track again and decided to keep it.

Beth here - and since Howard shared it with me, I've listened to this album a lot on the weekly commute - up and down the heart of the country, watching it become greener as spring turns to summer. I have to admit to being a newcomer to Patty Griffin - she has nowhere near the profile in the UK that she deserves to - so it has been a bit of revelation. By turns, it's a mix of pared-down acoustics, gospel, country and with a cheeky hint of R&B (horns, anyone?). There are so many strong points, Howard could have chosen a winner with almost any song from the album, but I'm pleased he has gone with this one. Opening track 'You'll Remember' also highly recommended.

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