Saturday, June 09, 2007

American Music Club - Why won't you stay

Sad news according to the AMC website 'Danny and Tim have left AMC - Mark and Vudi have decided to base the band out of Los Angeles and it wasn't going to work as Danny and Tim have kids. Recording commences soon.' I'm left wondering how that will sound, given that (in my mind at least) they've always been an SF band.

Taken from my favorite AMC album, this track comes courtesy of IODA PROMONET, whose enlightened approach to mp3 blogs has enabled me to filch some of their bandwidth as long as I include at least one link to their (US) places to buy. So if you haven't listened to any of the two or three times I must have posted this since we started then come and get it. They do need bigger images - the album cover is from amazon because 60 by 60 was too small to see the leopard's spots.

Download "Why Won't You Stay"
(mp3) from "Everclear" by American Music Club (Alias)

if you're in the US or use these services you can get the whole album here:
More On This Album (although not much more)

Buy it

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