Friday, June 15, 2007

No River City

I first heard of No River City when I went to see my lovely friend Mel in Wilmington a couple of years back - Mel had sought it out their first album, This Is Our North Dakota, after hearing a track on a Magnet CD sampler, and I did just the same when I got back home.

The album is full of beautiful songs of big skies, small towns, desolation and darkness. Very lonesome boy/girl harmonies, lap steel and a cello.

Listen – Broken Lines
Listen – Last Thing I Remember

There is a second album out soon – although this had nearly passed me by as the band are criminally unsigned. Hurrah for the internet. The band has a new line up – they’ve expanded into a band proper (albeit without a bass) and the sound has filled out a bit, too. It’s a bit more rootsy and veers into proper country territory without losing its pathos. Quite a delight. Have a listen:

Listen – Jacy Farrow
Listen – Sad Horses

The new album, Wolves and Fishes, is out soon – it’s on sale at the shows now.
Buy This Is Our North Dakota, or pre-order the new one, from the marvellous Miles of Music. It looks like both are even part of their ‘it’s a cracker’ deal – so no excuses.

Read an extraordinarily honest biography on their official website.
There's another song and info on their MySpace page, if you’re that way inclined.

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