Thursday, June 07, 2007

Some more Whiskeytown

Ryan Adams is all over the place at the moment, quite possibly in every sense. He’s on tour at the moment - has anyone seen him yet? – and he’s certainly doing the rounds. In the last week alone, I’ve heard him range from tired and indifferent to passionate and, frankly, a bit wild on Geek FM, Radio 2 and even good old (non-music) Radio 4.

Lots has already been said about the upcoming release of Easy Tiger and bits and pieces have been posted up all over the place. Whilst I’m looking forward to the new release, to be honest, I’m just delighted that it gives me the opportunity to post up some more Whiskeytown. Anyone who has been hanging round here for more than five minutes knows how much I love this band.

So, as a riposte to all the scratchy outtakes and foreshortened new stuff that’s doing the rounds, here’s one from 1997’s Stranger’s Almanac. This album has been keeping me company for a decade now and I can probably sing most of it off by heart. And it really is off by heart, not from memory. There’s a difference. Particularly like the vocals and the brass on this one.

Listen - Whiskeytown - Everything I Do

Do yourself a favour and buy it.

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