Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A little Porter, a little Dolly

Enough with the redemption, how about a song written by Johnny Cash about his/Porter's stay in the Parkview asylum? Porter Wagoner's new(ish) album - the wagonmaster plays it straight, there are no concessions to Cash-style covers of recent songs. The few spoken asides and stories do nothing but add to the last man standing status Porter has. I find myself thinking it's a shame he doesn't make some new songs his own because he's still in fine voice, he has the gravitas to carry it off and he's very obviously still an entertainer. Stubborn to the end and I wouldn't really want it any other way.

Tricky to see on such a small scale, but that's Porter there in the blue -click to enlarge a bit (thanks Mel for your holiday snaps!)

Listen: Porter Wagoner - Committed to Parkview

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Spot the difference: likeness

It doesn't seem fair to link Porter and Dolly together for the rest of their lives. I can think of a few old acquaintances from way-back I'd rather not be spoken of in the same breath. That is however not going to stop me posting my favorite track from Halos and Horns. When I first heard this I mistook it to be a frank acceptance of her not having children herself, but reading her explanation of the song makes it from a time that that probably wasn't her intention.

..It’s at least 35 years old, but it’s never been on a record. ..It had to have been right when I first came to Nashville [in 1964], because there were other songs on that tape that were written before I even left home.

Listen: Dolly Parton - Not for me

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