Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Midlake - Bloody Marvellous

I went to see Midlake at a packed Irish Centre last night - great mixed audience, including whole families, indie kids and lots of beards. I think it is the best gig I've been to this year so far. I was trepidatious about how they would manage to recreate their big and dense sound live, but they completely blew my socks off. So much noise from one little stage. Superb harmonies, twirly bits, only one guitar solo and all manner of banter - it was ace. They've reclaimed the Chemical Brothers song that Tim Smith has contributed vocals to - The Pills Won't Help You (lots of versions doing the rounds on hype machine) and very lovely it was too. And best of all, they seem like a smashing bunch of lads - they even said that they'd done the bingo earlier on that afternoon.

Listen: Midlake - van Occupanther
Listen: Midlake - Branches


Buy The Trials of Van Occupanther

Andrew Bird was one of the supporting acts - his Roger Whitaker/Rufus Wainwright/KT Tunstall/Jeff Buckley mix (yes really) got a mixed reaction from the crowd. I've given the album a few listens but certainly couldn't eat a whole one live. Go and sample it for yourself over at Speed of Dark.

And if you like the Midlake track, give this a whilrl and let me know if you can hear the link my brain made. **Warning - no steel guitar**

Listen - The Divine Comedy - When the Lights Go Out All Over Europe

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