Thursday, August 30, 2007

you and me and some recommendations.

After a brief holiday to the seaside (Bank holiday comes 6 times a year) and listening to some music old and new I've got some recommendations. If you're feeling adventurous I can recommend the new Richard Hawley album if you don't already have it(probably due a post as soon as Beth has heard it too) and the new album by Euros Childs with the cover that looks like once we were trees by beachwood sparks. All this and I've still got a backlog of music building up that needs a serious listen.

Whilst trawling my mp3 blog feeds I found over on songs:illinois a lovely subtle track by Little Wings sounding not unlike Nixon with Will Oldham singing. Recommended.

Also whilst away I've been enjoying the soft rock stylings of Crosby and Nash playing a short 5 song set for the BBC on youtube - you can enjoy them by clicking here. Nothing has made me want a great big Martin dreadnought guitar quite as much, pity they cost so much.

So whilst gently buzzing I thought I'd bring your attention to a band called you and me. Now for me that's triggering a mental image of a crow and a doormouse standing beside each other, maybe for you it's the best song by the wannadies. Hailing for Montreal, they fill the gap left in my life by the lack of a new Mojave 3 album quite nicely. Sweet and downtempo country rock/folk/indie with boy/girl vocals and the sort of ennui I already feel for my holiday. Their album is called The Romantic and the Realist.

Listen: you and me - for five
Listen: you and me - in the still

Official - to buy the album from the band direct just follow the disco tab link.

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