Friday, September 14, 2007

The Broken Family Band

There are some bands you want to preserve in aspic (too many for me to mention, but most associated with my youth), others that do it to themselves (Tindersticks, Sparklehorse) and some you just wish would sit still for a minute and mine the good seam they've hit before veering off wildly in another direction. A very few show promise early on and somehow get you to buy in to the changes they make to their sound over the course of several albums - The Broken Family Band are such a band.
The Broken Family Band's 4th album Hello Love was out a while back (I think I picked it up sometime in July) and finds the band caught between and something a little less stylised. The album works for the most part, with intelligent lyrics and a strong set of tunes winning me round to their ever expanding musical palettes, arrangements and expensive sounding production techniques - but don't let that last sentence think you're about to hear any Nashville pop masquerading as country.

Listen: The broken family band - give and take

Listen: The broken family band - you get me

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