Thursday, September 20, 2007

Remmelt, Muus and Femke - Dutch Neil Young Enthusiasts

Now if that title doesn't grab you, then there's no hope, is there? This article about Neil Young covers made me think about this lot so here are some songs from 2005's The Long Way Round.
There is no denying that they sound a lot like CSNY - it is warm folky rock, straight up and easy listening in its purest sense. They even namecheck Neil Young on Carina's Waltz - "and they all sang along when we played Mr. Young". It's joyful and knowing without being tainted by the weight of cynicism; perfect for a spot of dancing round the kitchen.

Listen - Remmelt, Muus and Femke - Carina's Waltz
Listen - Remmelt, Muus and Femke - Here Comes The Sun
And a singalong bonus that sounds like it was performed in a 1968 musical - Remmelt, Muus and Femke - One Way or Another

Buy it or just have a mild chuckle at the general European nature of their official site
More info on their MySpace.

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