Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Meg Baird

Both Beth and I are experiencing a little job/career change/turbulence so posting will be even more sporadic than normal. On the other hand my commute-time will increase by a factor of two, so the opportunities to listen to even more new music and old favourites will increase (as will my book consumption). It was on just such a tube ride into London that Meg Baird's lovely new album Dear Companion burst into focus.

I'd got the album a few weeks ago, heard it in the background whilst working at home a couple of times, but a decent set of headphones and some time staring out on a prematurely Autumnal scene of rain and browning leaves was all it took to convince me that there was about half an album of postable tracks to choose from. Maybe more than half. That's a lot of lonesome and quite some recommendation.

Listen: Meg Baird - do what you gotta do

Listen: Meg Baird - Waltze of the tennis players

Buy it, although if you want it on vinyl you need to get it through Drag City.


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