Friday, October 26, 2007

Nashville Scene - Americana Dream

Nashville Scene - Americana Dream - a good Friday read about just how broad a spectrum of music is covered by Americana as a genre/label.
Here at lonesome Beth & I post pretty much what we like, but I regularly describe our choices as being Americana/folk, especially to artists/hype departments looking to submit songs. It's a neat way to reduce the amount of r&B, electro, ambient & new-rave (no reggae yet - although we'd still give it a listen) that comes our way, especially from those that don't stop to wonder why we're called lonesome music.
Recently I've had a few qualms about posting what I would consider mainstream Nashville artists (after listening to the tracks I didn't post), mainly because the music just isn't that interesting to me on a personal level. The article talks about the need for a feeling of connection with an artists music, something I just don't get when Country collides with pop in those Nashville artists being represented.

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