Friday, October 05, 2007

Scott Matthews (or Midlands fun)

As Howard wrote earlier this week, it's all change on the work front and my days of commuting to Birmingham have come to an end. To mark the great occassion, I thought I'd post some Scott Matthews, Woverhampton's boy-wonder. So much for the Midlands being the home of ROCK.

I'm surprised that Scott hasn't had more coverage - he makes the kind of breathy, dense boy songs that normally explode over the blogosphere with all manner of 'OMG it's the next Buckley/Smith/Drake' comparisons that I find so massively nauseating. (Tell me it's not just me). A re-release of the album this year, (off the back of the single Elusive), an upcoming support slot for Rufus Wainwright over here and then a trip to the US should change all that though.

What sets this apart for me is the instrumentation. There are tablas, wurlitzers, flutes and vibraphones running right through the album. Proof positive that music doesn't have to change your life to make it better.

Listen - Prayers
Listen - White Feathered Medicine (good flute)

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