Monday, October 15, 2007

With a wave of his jewel-encrusted hand across a glittering Kilburn High Road scene

It's been at least a couple of weeks since either of us posted something AMC-related, so allow me to rectify that immediately and to celebrate last night's stellar Eitzel gig at The Luminaire.

I know that some people find the Eitzel back catalogue a bit overwhelming - I can sympathise, (I feel the same way about, say, The Mountain Goats), so let me make a heartfelt suggestion. Leave the covers/jazzy/Greek stuff for later and go straight for the dark delights of Songs of Love.

My Lastfm profile is evidence of my love of all things early 90s AMC/Eitzel. It's a prime example of a band hitting its creative peak at a time when you are most susceptible to it. I first heard Songs of Love on the B side of a tape that Howard did for me way back in the midst of adolescence; I thought it was him, his response was a typically understated "thank you". Seeing Eitzel at Reading in 1994 was quite extraordinary and then finding Everclear in Jumbo Records later for a fiver (having by then progressed to CDs) probably played an instrumental part in me moving to Leeds.

Having survived a run of bad luck and armed with only an acoustic guitar, Mark Eitzel laughs and cries his way through a set that pulls from the early AMC albums and proves what a trooper he is. Dark music is for people who are healthy enough to take it, indeed. I could happily post the whole album - and if you stick around long enough, we probably will - but here are two from the hard to find California album. Enjoy.

Listen - Mark Eitzel - Firefly
Listen - Mark Eitzel - Blue and Grey Shirt.

Buy Songs of Love
More info and what looks like the entire Love Songs for Patriots album for free on the official site.

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