Friday, December 14, 2007

The Derailers - Under the Influence of Buck

Buck Owens rather than Buckfast, obviously.

So then, I'm assuming that most of our (UK) readers had a local pub during their formative years. Well, we did and what a fine no-nonsense establishment it is too. No jukebox, but a bar stereo stocked with an impressive range of straight-up country and celtic delights. As it's nearly time for a trip home, let's have a warm up with some honky-tonk round here.

Austin's The Derailers have been putting out boot-stomping, hangdog honky-tonk for a decade now, and their tribute to Buck Owens is a pure delight. Every songs's a winner. It's full of good time rollicking stompers and enough steel guitar to keep all the family happy. Perfect for putting up the christmas decorations to. Enjoy.

Listen - The Derailers - Down on the Corner of Love
Listen - The Derailers - Cryin' Time

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