Thursday, January 03, 2008

Signs, signifiers and too much time on my hands

It's my first day back at work today and it has been an almighty struggle to get my words out.
I'm definitely feeling more saus-age than Sauss-ure and, in a working environment that is particularly sensitive to a turn of phrase, it's been hard work today to sort out my notations from their connations.

Cue much giddy train pondering about words, what they say they mean, what they really mean, and what the hell does it all mean, anyway? And how can we tell? Ah, blame the cold weather.

Still, any excuse to post this pair of slightly cadaverous lovelies to welcome in the new year.

Listen - Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Signifying Wolf
Listen - Richard Hawley - Born Under a Bad Sign.

Try for the Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Cursed Sleep single, or treat yourself to a very reasonably priced copy of Richard Hawley's Cole's Corner.

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