Sunday, February 03, 2008

Boca Chica - Transform Into Beasts

Boca Chica are head and shoulders above most of the alt-folk stuff doing the rounds and that makes this a hard post to write.

Just trust us when we say you'll like it.

Think layered indie folk with a country twinge and a big heart. Led by singer/songwriter Hallie Pritts, they make a gloriously winsome and loping left-field racket and it's a treat to hear a female voice in such an ordinarily bearded arena.

Listen -Boca Chica - Cobblestones

Listen - Boca Chica - Big Calm


And in other news - the new AMC album got 5/5 in The Sun on Friday. This is surely the world gone mad. (And don't judge me here - reading your neighbour's paper is one of the scant joys of commuting).

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