Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Laura Marling - Ghosts

When was the last time you were obsessed by a song? This song has haunted me since seeing Laura play it on the telly a few weeks ago. She looked (and apparently is) frighteningly young and this song seemed almost too simple to release as a single, the lyric drifts in and out of meter and the phrasing sounds odd, but then it clicks and you can't imagine it making sense any other way. I got the album and realised that it isn't a one off. I also realised that this could be the year for a Joni Mitchell revival, but that's the topic for another post.
When I tried to explain that there were tracks that reminded me of a folk Mazzy Star, the Tindersticks, Beirut and Leonard Cohen to Beth I came to the unnerving realisation that the album surpasses the hype around all the UK's solo female artists at the moment and sets Laura up for a fully fledged career.

Listen: Laura Marling - Ghosts


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