Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The David Wax Museum

David Wax sounds like an interesting bloke. He lived on a cattle ranch for a couple of years and has just come back from a year-long jaunt to Mexico to learn more about Mexican music.

The result is a pleasing twist on your usual americana fare, a kind of son-infused cowboy treat.

I'm posting a couple of the more downbeat tracks here, but have a look at their MySpace for some of the spicier numbers; especially The Great Unawakening (featuring jarana jarocha) and There Was a Bridge (for a spot of jarana huasteca).

Recommended if you've been enjoying the more exotic strains of the latest The Acorn album or if you liked the wig outs at the end of The Shepherd's Dog.

Listen - The David Wax Museum - Rosamar

Listen - The David Wax Museum - One of the Crooked


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