Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Leatherbag - Love and Harm

If you've been reading a while then you'll know how much we like Leatherbag around here. Love Me Like the Devil stood head and shoulders above most of what we heard last year and we really struggled to choose one song to post for our list of 2007 favourites.

And the good news is that Mr. Randy Reynolds is releasing a new album, Love and Harm, in April. The sound has filled out and there are more upbeat songs, with a definite Velvet Underground/Dylan feel running through the album. It could be just the thing to welcome the arrival of spring. I won't lie, I miss the melancholic strings and the cello especially, but it's good stuff indeed.

Listen: Leatherbag - Caroline

Listen: Leatherbag - New York (from Love Me Like The Devil)

Buy Love Me Like The Devil. No, really, do.

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