Monday, March 17, 2008

Or, the Whale

"I've got to get me a strumming guitar, my main guitar doesn't do strum. Maybe it's me that can't do strum, I sure as hell don't need another guitar, unless it's a pedal steel, or a national..."

Or, the Whale are responsible for this train of thought by the way, in the same way that Calexico and Nixon make me want big, curvatious, sunburst Gibson acoustics, Or, the Whale on the other hand with their classy pedal steel, what sounds like some classy semi-acoustic? big strumming dreadnaught guitars and a whirly or something similar make me wish I had a HD28, because there's no point without the herringbone. Well short of a lottery win, I guess I'm going to have to do without.

Listen: Or, The Whale - Death of Me

Listen: Or, The Whale - Isn't She Awful

Listen: Or, The Whale - Rope Don't Break

Official (not recommended for the seasick)

This post was started by Beth, but I've kind of hijacked it.

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