Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Justin Rutledge - This too will pass

The yearning, that feeling that somehow makes desire seem too weak a term. Whether it's a material possession or someone, you are consumed with thoughts of possession, of ownership, of the happiness that will surely come your way if you give into temptation and spend the money, show your hand or some other part of your anatomy. But the rational side of you knows that it's best to hold tight to the arms of the chair like an astronaut in take-off, hanging on until they break free of the atmosphere, that this too will pass. Just lately I've been asked too many times to just go with my emotional and not my rational responses, I don't think psychiatry was built for the English, therapy certainly wasn't.

From his Man Descending album, here's Justin Rutledge. He's out supporting Kathleen Edwards, so you might see him live before I do.

Listen: Justin Rutledge - This too will pass

Buy it for an extortionate amount from amazon (or get it cheaper when it gets an offical UK release)


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